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With over three decades of combined Project, Financial and Operational Management, plus Residential  Construction Management and Facilities Management, why would you go past us to management your property?  The more prestigious and valuable your property, the more you need our skill set.

At Blue Pacific Property we understand the requirements of property investors and owners
We are completely focused on providing a service which ensures you gain optimum return on your investment whilst maintaining your investment to ensure the capital value is maximized.

We think of ourselves as property investment managers who not only provide the highest standard in property management, but also give professional long-term overall investment strategies for your property.

Part of the Blue Pacific Property service is to provide investment information about your property and detailed improvements which maximize the immediate and long term return on your investment. We keep abreast of all developments and other events which may impact your property investment.

The Best Tenants
Matching the best tenant to the best property ensures a long and successful tenancy which maximises return. The best tenant is one who is financially stable and reliable and who is going to look after your property. Our process involves a comprehensive examination of the prospective tenant’s history, past and present including;
•Several forms of ID
•Completion of our comprehensive tenancy application form
•Checking of TICA (Australia’s largest tenancy database)
•Past tenancy references
•Current employment
•Personal reference
•Proof of current residency if applicable
•Rental payment history checks

At Blue Pacific Property we encourage you to have as much input to the selection process as you wish as ultimately the final choice is yours.
Blue Pacific Property embraces the notion that treating the tenant with respect encourages the tenant to treat your property with respect. Addressing tenant maintenance requests in a timely manner and good communication help build a positive relationship which assists us to manage your property more effectively.

By providing a superior service within the Real Estate industry on the Northern Beaches and surrounding areas we are able to attract the best tenants in the community and ensure your asset is maintained to the highest standard.

Project Management and Maintenance
Blue Pacific Property has extensive residential and commercial project management experience to call on which enables us to not only source experienced and reliable local trades’ people but also have the experience to project manage construction, development and repairs and maintenance on your property to a highest level. Our quality control of repairs and maintenance provides you with an assurance that work is completed to the highest standard.

We know property from the ground up so you can be confident any maintenance issues will be reported back to you before the costs of repairs can increase exponentially. And of course any issues which are raised by the tenants which do not require work will be quickly assessed and resolved.

Personalised Service
We limit the number of properties managed by each of our property managers to ensure that you receive the highest degree of service and personalised attention which you deserve.

With most property management businesses you will deal with numerous property managers or property officers because of the organisational structure or an extremely high turnover rate. At Blue Pacific Property you will only deal with one senior investment property manager who will manage every aspect of your property, who is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent and who has a vested interest in the business. Your investment will be managed to the highest standard by one property manager for the term of our relationship.

Blue Pacific Property is unlike the large process driven property management companies where you feel as if you are part of a production line. At Blue Pacific Property we embrace new technologies, processes, procedures and compliance which ensures a professional organisation however we also have a personalised approach incorporating exceptional communication channels to ensure the best service possible. Our great local knowledge and understanding of property and the property market allows us to manage the day to day operations of your property to a very high standard.

Blue Pacific Property Skills
Blue Pacific Property offers a combination of skills in Property Management, Sales, Financial Management, Operational Management, Residential Project Management and Investment Management which together offer the highest level of Property Investment Management available.

Rental Arrears
Blue Pacific Property has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to rental arrears . The instance your tenant fails to pay the rent we initiate our strict collection policy process which follows statutory time frames ensuring we are taking the quickest possible action available to collect outstanding rent.

We are so confident in our ability to manage your property to the highest standard that we provide a Landlord Guarantee