Professional Property Management Specialists


Blue Pacific Property is a dedicated Property Management company who believes you deserve a property investment manager with exceptional skills and who cares about your investment as much we do.

We take managing property seriously and our background and experience is aligned to exceptional Property Management. With 30 years combined experience in the following disciplines, we out perform the majority of Property Management companies out there.

Commercially astute FINANCIAL and OPERATIONAL processes applied to the management of your property ensuring all compliance requirements, financial records, reporting and operational processes are maintained to the highest standard.

Well developed PROJECT MANAGEMENT practices ensuring your property is managed effectively day to day, maximizing your return on investment while protecting your property’s capital value.

An in depth understanding of RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION and building maintenance ensuring your asset is maintained to the highest standard, incorporating best practice in quality control and exceptional attention to detail.

Property INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT service focuses on both the immediate management requirements of your property and long term investment strategies. We can advise you on improvement and developments which may impact your property investment, giving alternative strategies to maximize your investments’ return.

The benefit of using Blue Pacific Property to manage your investment

Investment property management is our core business. We have a skill set and experience which is superior to traditional Real Estate property management services. We limit individual property manager portfolios to less than half the industry average therefore twice as much time is spent on your property. We have continuity of property managers you will deal with the same person year after year. Personalised service rather than larger process driven volume based business practices. Your property is managed by a licenced Real Estate Agent. Tenant Rental Receipts paid daily to the landlord. We guarantee our service!

Our Professional Leasing Process

You deserve to have a dedicated Property Management company looking after your investment. We do not sell real estate, our focus is primarily on increasing your wealth through property investment. We treat your property like our own giving dedicated personalised detailed service to every aspect of the process.

Our Stress Free Guarantee

We give a guarantee of our service as Property Management is our core business and therefore our primary focus with the majority of our resources are applied to managing our residential property portfolio. Unlike larger franchise groups that trade on their brand names and volume based business structure, we only have our individual reputation and service standards to attract potential landlords.

We therefore provide a service which is second to none or risk our reputation. This factor alone gives you protection that the service we provide will be of the highest standard and we guarantee it!

Transfer Your Property To Us

Making the decision to have your investment property managed by Blue Pacific Property is simple. If your property is currently managed by another agency and you are not happy with their service, let us take care of the transfer for you.

Contact Us To discuss your Property Management requirements with one of our Property Investment Managers. We can give you a free no obligation appraisal of your property and detail how we ensure you receive maximum returns while maintaining your asset to the highest standard.