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The Blue Pacific Guarantee

At Blue Pacific Property we are committed to providing a service which is the highest standard in Property Investment Management.

We therefore make you a commitment that if at any time during a given month you are not totally satisfied with our service we will refund you the management fee for that month.

We guarantee our service.

Do you want to receive an average property management service or do you want the very best?

At Blue Pacific Property through embracing technology and having a pro-active attitude to the management of your investment we are always looking to improve our service to you and increase your return. We are constantly seeking further training to ensure we stay abreast of the legislative requirements and constantly maintain an extensive understanding of market conditions that may affect your investment. With this vision, a personalised approach and effective communication channels, we offer the very best in Property Investment Management.

If you are not happy with your current property management service phone us on 02 9949 5131 or contact us on line. We can take care of the transfer of management to us as smoothly and efficiently as we will manage your property.