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Blue Pacific Property can help you find a great investment property or find the right home. We do all the work relieving you of all the frustration experienced in this exhausting and emotional process!


How Blue Pacific Property can help you

Using our Buyers Agent Service gives you access to all properties on the market. Through our network of contacts in the Real Estate industry and our well structured methods of sourcing top rate properties, we are able to find properties which have yet to come on the market.

We are entirely independent and have no legal or other obligation to the seller and we receive no fees or commissions from the selling agent or vendor. We work exclusively for you and are dedicated to sourcing the perfect investment property or home for you.

Our experience and knowledge of the Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs is second to none aligned with great knowledge of Sydney and the surrounding country areas and  with a thorough understanding of the property buying process enables us to ensure your experience is stress-free and time saving. Our extensive and uncompromising negotiation skills ensure we will get your property at the best possible price and we are well informed on current prices and market trends.

Selecting the right property requires extensive research, past sales results, current comparative market prices, market influences, infrastructure changes within the area and many other aspects all have a bearing on the future value of a property. Our experience and detailed processes ensure all relevant research has been completed so you can make a well informed decision.  We also look for those properties which have “something else” and hidden potential which many less experienced property searchers would not see. We  provide you with figures covering rental returns, expenses strata fees  and much more so that you can make an educated decision.

Making sure areas of risk are assessed thoroughly is a key issue to having a Buyers Agent on your side. We are able to assess the condition of the property as we have extensive residential construction knowledge ensuring there are no underlying defects which may not be spotted by the inexperienced property buyer. We also have strong relationships with and access to a number of construction professionals should a property require further investigation. We will ensure all building and pest inspections are carried out.

Our service is developed to assist property investors find and purchase a property which meets their investment strategy and therefore returns strong long term growth, maintaining consistent rental return while staying within your individual budgetary requirements.

At Blue Pacific Property you are assured of total confidentiality, you as a buyer will be treated with utmost discretion and anonymity.

Once we have secured an investment property for you, Blue Pacific Property will provide on-going Property Management to ensure your investment gets the best possible attention available so you can relax and know your asset is in the best possible hands.